Wendy Francis for Senate

THANK YOU for visiting! …Please take 30secs to read the next paragraph to understand why I’m running for Senate.

I want to be elected to the Senate at the 2010 Federal election because I believe that when you put family first, when you consider values first – all other decisions are put into perspective. Decisions are then not based upon greed, selfishness or personality, but are made with our eyes focused on what is right and what is important not only for now but for generations to come.


Wendy Francis Australian political activis

In Canberra I plan to do all in my power to make sure that every piece of legislation considers the impact to the future of the family because strong families equal a strong society. I plan to be the voice for those who have no voice – the children and the unborn – and I plan to be the voice for those who may feel as though they have no voice – the mum, the dad, the single mum, the older person, the young person, the divorced, the struggling, the confused – all who rely on those elected to public office to make decisions for them and not against them.


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I believe that strong families equal a strong society.
I am committed to protecting our children.
I am fighting for the things YOU believe in … FIND OUT MORE HERE

Diary Dates

Mon Apr/26/2010: Bundaberg and Fraser Coast
Mon Jun/21/2010: Townsville
Fri Jul/16/2010: Rockhampton
Sun Jul/18/2010: Yeppoon
Mon Jul/19/2010: Cairns and Atherton Tablelands region
Mon Jul/26/2010: Gladstone