What’s this site about?

wendy4senate.com is a place for you to get to know me better and for me to get to know you.

Because I believe in truly representing the interests of the people, I want to be transparent with you and keep you updated with all my activities and perspectives. Additionally, I would like to promote the opportunity the site functionality offers to hear what YOU have to say about all the issues.

It’s all about dialogue, so, let me begin by introducing myself…

Who is Wendy Francis?

Basically, I’m a Brisbane-based WendyFrancisfamilyfirstwoman with a passion for life and empowering humanity.

My career has always pursued my belief in education and community outreach – from Management at Griffith University, Queensland, to being a director on the Board of the charity, Samaritan’s Purse, Australia. I’ve worked in marketing and communications for non-profits organisations and particularly enjoy my annual role in producing the Lord Mayors Christmas Carols for the last few years.

However, beyond the professional realm, my passions and efforts have been particularly centred around my marriage to Peter these 31 years and our 3 children and now, 8 grandchildren.

What does Wendy Francis really believe in?

There are 3 platforms that provide recurring impetus for my every effort:

The first key platform is protecting children.

…especially on our streets as they are bombarded by popular culture…

I believe our public spaces should be G rated as they are accessible by all.

I have never before seen the level of advertising pollution that we are now experiencing. This is seen on TV, on radio, on the side of buses and in billboard advertising. Our children are being bombarded with explicit images and concepts.

I am not talking about censorship, I am talking about protecting our children.

I plan in the near future to host a “Public Space” summit with groups who are interested in changing the standards of outdoor advertising to talk about a combined strategy to change the Advertising Standards Board.

Any strong nation protects the vulnerable and the innocent. Many talk of personal rights, yet often when a right is given a responsibility has been removed. We must never lose sight of our responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves. We must protect our children.

The second key platform is supporting families

I believe we should bring equality to child care payments. Every child in Australia is in child care – either by their own parent or by someone else. In fact over 70% of infants are cared for at home. Child care payments do not reflect this.

To reflect the high value of marriage in our nation we could give tax deductibility for attending marriage and parenting courses.

Every relevant piece of legislation should be accompanied by a Family Impact Statement.

The third key platform is strengthening a nation

Strong families = a strong nation.

How does Wendy Francis operate?

wfpic2One person CAN make a difference.

When I see something that I know is not in the best interests of our society – whether it be a TShirt in Kmart, or a Billboard that I would not want to have to explain to my grandchildren, I speak up (e.g. See Blog Post.)

It might not seem like much, but it is often effective. Especially when you can get others on board (such as yourselves.)

I meet with many fabulous like minded people and organisations – one person can make a difference, but together – we can move mountains.

Recently I’ve been enthused and excited by the work of such people like Hetty Johnston from Bravehearts, or Teresa Martin from Cherish Life. Hopefully I”ll get the chance to meet more like them in order to better amplify their voices and excellent work … Please introduce yourself here and stay tuned for my pending blog!