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Outdoor advertising summit to “make outdoors G rated”

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20 April 2010

A range of community representatives will meet at Queensland’s Parliament House this Friday 23 April to plan a strategy to moderate outdoor advertising and protect children.

The Summit, organised by Family First’s senate candidate for Queensland Wendy Francis, brings together representatives from National Civic Council, Australian Family Association, Queensland Bioethics Centre and Collective Shout as well as Author Lisa Cox and Child Psychologist Janet Matthews.

Francis plans to coordinate a community effort to change the way outdoor advertising is moderated in Australia. “It’s time to act in order to protect children and the rights of parents to determine what their children view. We are currently forcing children to view sexually explicit images and wording in the outdoors that would be banned from children’s television timeslots”, she said.

Francis commenced a “group” on the social networking site Facebook called “Outdoor advertising should be G rated” which has attracted almost 4000 members within weeks. “I believe outdoor advertisers are out of touch with community standards,” she said.

The summit will also hear from Charmaine Moldrich, CEO of the Outdoor Media Association whose members include GOA and Ooh which have both refused to allow Francis to display her own billboard ad that states “outdoor advertising should be G rated”, an act Francis describes as “the ultimate in hypocrisy”.

Marriage Busting “Sleaze” Website

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15 April 2010

An online “dating site” has set up in Australia, encouraging married couples to have affairs.

The Ashley Madison website, founded in the US by Noel Biderman, claims that 18,000 Australians have already signed up.

Biderman says, “Having sex with a like-minded person is better than starting a relationship with a friend or someone in the workplace, or going on to singles sites or bars to meet people. No one has to get hurt this way.”

Bill Muehlenberg, social commentator and columnist for the website Christian Today, says he is not buying this baloney.

“Cheating always hurts people,” he said. “It hurts the one doing it, it hurts the one being cheated on, it hurts any children involved, and it hurts all of society.”

Commenting on what she called “a sleaze website” Queensland’s lead senate candidate, Wendy Francis says commitment in marriage is important for the very survival of Western society.

She said love is far more than emotion and to throw aside moral values and the important social institution of marriage, society, as we know it, will disintegrate further into the law of the jungle.

“Marriage is more than a ‘handshake,’ it is a contract of love to another person for life,” she said.

Mrs Francis said when husbands and wives are faithful to each other everyone benefits – the spouses themselves, their children, and our communities.

“This can never be achieved by having an affair and breaking the trust of marriage,” she said.

Bill Muehlenberg described the dating site as a “cheating site” and said this “grubby peddler of sleaze” who admits he has made millions in the US through his website, now only wants to make more millions by busting up marriages here in Australia.

Senate candidate visits Darling Downs & West to promote values

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15 April 2010

Three months ago those that knew Wendy Francis recognised her as the person behind the success of the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s “Carols in the City”. Now – following a high profile campaign against racy billboards that was covered by national media – Queenslanders are starting to notice Family First’s senate candidate as someone willing to take on the big issues, and they are cheering her on.

“The support I have received from both the city and rural Queensland has been humbling and amazing”, Francis said. In recent weeks she has visited many parts of the State and now it is the turn of Toowoomba, Dalby, Miles and Roma to hear her plans as a prospective senator for Queensland after the next federal election.

Francis arrives in Toowoomba tonight where she will spend the next three days meeting with community leaders and participating in the Teen Challenge 5km walk, a project to support the local Teen Challenge Young Women’s Residential Treatment centre. She will then be in Dalby on Sunday, Miles on Sunday night and Roma on Tuesday.

“For too long Queenslanders have had to put up with whatever the major parties have thrown at them. I aim to be the champion for those values that are important to Queenslanders – values like the protection of our children, support for the family structure, a health system that values people and a government that sees rural Australia as vital to our success”, Francis said.

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Billboard debate gains momentum – mobilises parents

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30 March 2010

Family First senate candidate for Queensland Wendy Francis is convinced she speaks for the overwhelming majority of parents as she continues her campaign to “make the outdoors G rated”. After revealing yesterday that billboard company GOA has banned her proposed ads, Francis has been inundated by parents pledging their support; some even writing letters to the billboard company.

Her Facebook group – “Outdoor advertising should be G rated”, is growing at the rate of around 200 people each day with no publicity. “It’s word of mouth – people are fed up with outdoor advertising shoving sex into the faces of children who deserve their childhood”, she said.

In a letter to the joint managing directors of GOA sent today, Francis called on the company to “protect children and support parents”. It read in part, “images and messages are seen and read by children….They are seeing pictures of semi naked people in sexual poses and reading phrases like “Join now for Fox Sake” and “Get Shucked”. Francis said “While parents can set boundaries for their children inside the home, they cannot outside”.

She wrote, “If you are against making the outdoors an environment for families and children what does this say about your company? I can’t believe you would advocate an environment that harms children.” Francis said she was still shocked that a company that allows so much sex on their billboards would ban “family friendly” ads that simply called for the protection of children.

The candidate, who is attempting to be the first Family First senator from Queensland, is hosting a summit in April to formulate a policy that will change outdoor advertising guidelines and the role of the Advertising Standards Bureau.

Senate candidate has her ads against sexualized billboards banned for being too “family friendly”

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30 – March – 2010 – For Immediate Release

Wendy Francis has been turned away by a billboard company with her ads promoting the protection as part of her official campaign against sexualised images on billboards that expose children to adult themes called “Make the Outdoors G Rated.”

Francis, the Queensland Family First senate candidate, wants to change outdoor advertising guidelines and the role of the Advertising Standards Bureau. Shebelieves she has the public on side, with over 1000 people joining her new Facebook group – “Outdoor advertising should be G Rated” – within days.

She has the formal support of child advocate Hetty Johnston and is hosting a summit next month which will discuss the never-acted-upon recommendations from the 2008 senate enquiry into advertising and the sexualisation of children.

“That this enquiry made recommendations yet did nothing shows how apathetic the major parties have become about something so important – the protection of our children,” she insists.

Participants secured for the summit include Child Psychologist Janet LeGrand, author and body image speaker Lisa Cox, and Director of the Bioethics Centre Ray Campbell.

Francis had planned to take out her own billboard ads with the simple slogan – “Let’s make outdoor advertising G rated,” yet in an ironic twist, billboard company General Outdoor Advertising Australia (GOA) has refused to accept her business.

“This company is prepared to accept near naked women and vulgar slogans that children can see and read yet they ban a billboard that is promoting family values and the protection of children”, she said.

“GOA told me that they self-censor their ads…saying there was nothing wrong with children seeing Sexpo billboards, but apparently promoting values is offensive.

“Our children deserve better – as adults it is our responsibility to provide a protecting and nurturing environment.”

Wendy Francis can be reached for comment via www.wendy4senate.com

“Peaceful Pill” An Appalling Disregard for Life

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Advocates of voluntary euthanasia display an appalling disregard for life, according to Queensland’s Lead Senate Candidate for Family First.

Wendy Francis was commenting on newly released data from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, showing that the so-called “peaceful pill” promoted by euthanasia advocates is being used by people in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

The Institute’s findings reveal that fifty one people in Australia have died from an overdose of the drug Nembutal in the past 10 years. In 27 of the cases there was reportedly no significant illness, deteriorating health or chronic pain.

Mrs Francis says she applauds Associate Professor Nicholas Tonti-Filippini’s call for Philip Nitschke, who has promoted the use of Nembutal for euthanasia or assisted suicide for many years, to be prosecuted for aiding and abetting people taking their own life.

“Nitschke’s position can only be seen as an appalling disregard for human life,” Mrs Francis says. “People with suicidal thoughts do not need lethal help, but life-saving assistance.”

She says despite Nitschke’s book “The Peaceful Pill” being banned from sale in Australia – after “long and hard lobbying” by Family First – sadly the “horrible thing” is still accessible online.

Family First has called for more government funding to be directed towards supporting “desperate and vulnerable” Australians who contemplate suicide. And Mrs Francis believes palliative care for the dying is the best way to alleviate pain and provide care in a dignified and respectful manner.

Northern Territory’s 1995 The Rights of the Terminally Act lasted only 9 months before being overturned by the Federal Parliament. Today, voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide are illegal in all states and territories of Australia.

My Latest News – March 2010

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We’ve really hit the ground running with the launch of this new website for March 2010!

My newsletter installment will give you a little insight into what else has been happening for us as well.

I had a great visitin Mt Isa andCloncurry withmedia rounds,visiting councilmembers andprominent localsincluding BobKatter, speakingat churches, andmeeting the locals.
One highlight was my great visit in Mt Isa and Cloncurry.

It included media rounds, visiting council members and prominent locals including Bob Katter, speaking at churches, and meeting the locals.

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