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Senate candidate has her ads against sexualized billboards banned for being too “family friendly”

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30 – March – 2010 – For Immediate Release

Wendy Francis has been turned away by a billboard company with her ads promoting the protection as part of her official campaign against sexualised images on billboards that expose children to adult themes called “Make the Outdoors G Rated.”

Francis, the Queensland Family First senate candidate, wants to change outdoor advertising guidelines and the role of the Advertising Standards Bureau. Shebelieves she has the public on side, with over 1000 people joining her new Facebook group – “Outdoor advertising should be G Rated” – within days.

She has the formal support of child advocate Hetty Johnston and is hosting a summit next month which will discuss the never-acted-upon recommendations from the 2008 senate enquiry into advertising and the sexualisation of children.

“That this enquiry made recommendations yet did nothing shows how apathetic the major parties have become about something so important – the protection of our children,” she insists.

Participants secured for the summit include Child Psychologist Janet LeGrand, author and body image speaker Lisa Cox, and Director of the Bioethics Centre Ray Campbell.

Francis had planned to take out her own billboard ads with the simple slogan – “Let’s make outdoor advertising G rated,” yet in an ironic twist, billboard company General Outdoor Advertising Australia (GOA) has refused to accept her business.

“This company is prepared to accept near naked women and vulgar slogans that children can see and read yet they ban a billboard that is promoting family values and the protection of children”, she said.

“GOA told me that they self-censor their ads…saying there was nothing wrong with children seeing Sexpo billboards, but apparently promoting values is offensive.

“Our children deserve better – as adults it is our responsibility to provide a protecting and nurturing environment.”

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My Latest News – March 2010

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We’ve really hit the ground running with the launch of this new website for March 2010!

My newsletter installment will give you a little insight into what else has been happening for us as well.

I had a great visitin Mt Isa andCloncurry withmedia rounds,visiting councilmembers andprominent localsincluding BobKatter, speakingat churches, andmeeting the locals.
One highlight was my great visit in Mt Isa and Cloncurry.

It included media rounds, visiting council members and prominent locals including Bob Katter, speaking at churches, and meeting the locals.