Marriage Busting “Sleaze” Website

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15 April 2010

An online “dating site” has set up in Australia, encouraging married couples to have affairs.

The Ashley Madison website, founded in the US by Noel Biderman, claims that 18,000 Australians have already signed up.

Biderman says, “Having sex with a like-minded person is better than starting a relationship with a friend or someone in the workplace, or going on to singles sites or bars to meet people. No one has to get hurt this way.”

Bill Muehlenberg, social commentator and columnist for the website Christian Today, says he is not buying this baloney.

“Cheating always hurts people,” he said. “It hurts the one doing it, it hurts the one being cheated on, it hurts any children involved, and it hurts all of society.”

Commenting on what she called “a sleaze website” Queensland’s lead senate candidate, Wendy Francis says commitment in marriage is important for the very survival of Western society.

She said love is far more than emotion and to throw aside moral values and the important social institution of marriage, society, as we know it, will disintegrate further into the law of the jungle.

“Marriage is more than a ‘handshake,’ it is a contract of love to another person for life,” she said.

Mrs Francis said when husbands and wives are faithful to each other everyone benefits – the spouses themselves, their children, and our communities.

“This can never be achieved by having an affair and breaking the trust of marriage,” she said.

Bill Muehlenberg described the dating site as a “cheating site” and said this “grubby peddler of sleaze” who admits he has made millions in the US through his website, now only wants to make more millions by busting up marriages here in Australia.