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To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows: the Citizens of Australia believe that outdoor advertising should be G rated.

The inappropriate sexualisation of children in Australia is of increasing concern.
Public spaces are used by the general public including children, so they should have advertising that is suitable for a general audience. Currently, highly sexualized images/messages disallowed on TV until late at night are imposed on the general public with no ‘off’ button.
Parents are not being given the right to decide what is appropriate for their children’s viewing.
The Advertising Standards Board’s self-regulation is not working in regard to outdoor advertising.
Your petitioners therefore request that the Senate:

Disallow billboard advertising associated with the sex industry.
Introduce regulation for outside advertising that will prohibit adult advertising in a general audience space.
Proceed with the review of the Senate Inquiry planned for late 2009 but which has not taken place (Senate Inquiry into the sexualisation of children in the contemporary media – 12 March 2008 – refer Recommendation 1.13) and the review of the effectiveness of the operation of the Australian Association of National Advertisers’ Code for Advertising and Marketing Communications to Children, introduced April 2008. (refer Recommendation 7 of same Senate Inquiry)


Thank you! i remember talking to friends years ago that this should happen. I believe this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. I think its unfair to children and young people to have companies bombard them with hypersexualised and degrading advertising to they can make a buck. thanks for making a stand.


Casey Baldwin,


I agree

Heath & Kirsty Golding,

Matthew Scott,

Dianne Holyland,
I disagree with anything sexual advertised on huge billboards around the place – think of all the parents who are trying to protect their kid’s minds from the stuff all around them… it is MOST innappriate and offensive to me and my husband . No-one I know enjoys them… take them down PLEASE.

These signs are visible when i drive with my kids. The only choice i have to ‘turn them off’ is to take the back streets everywhere. Take th signs down.

Roger & Joan Dart,

Fiona Beatty,
This is a very slippery slope, lets not keep sliding down.


Piers Dance,
I agree that billboard and outdoor advertising should be G rated

Tammy Manley,

lets be realistic and be serious about how this is impacting on the younger generation.

Anne Fries,

Kathie Pierce,


Luke Joyner,